Artist of the Week: H Hawkline

Hawkline_presssmall_zps7757072510th February 2015

There has always been a space for music for weird pop – from the Velvet Underground to Captain Beefheart, glitchy, atonal music has been around for as long as anyone can remember. H Hawkline is the latest in this proud genealogy.

The Cardiff-born singer Huw Edward’s latest album, In the Pink of Condition, is a Cate Le Bon-produced treasure trove of warmth and gawkiness. There is a twisted charm to tracks such as ‘Moon In My Mirror’ and ‘Spooky Dog’, their surreal lyricism matching the chopped up percussion and shivering treble melodies. 

H Hawkline plays The Louisiana on Tuesday 10 February.

Conal Dougan