Audio Factory Podcasts

Glastonbury based production company Audio Factory has two sides; founded by Dave Perry and Arran Dutton when the pair produced ‘Unholy Behaviour’, a controversial five part audio series, the production partners worked with local acting talent to produce other scripted entertainment content with three other comedy and drama one-offs. In addition to this they established a commercial presence for the business producing voiceover, advertisement and audio book content for local organisations, national advertising agencies and on well-known brands for companies abroad. However, with Audio Factory soon looking to get back to its creative roots, the foundation of The Fix has provided the perfect outlet to introduce their content to new audiences. Read the synopses below and if they appeal head to click the links supplied to download them in mp3 format for free. Unholy Behaviour: 5-part comedy/drama that sees Jesus and Moses sent back to modern day Earth and struggle to adapt to 21st century society. The Visitor: A casting director within the adult entertainment industry is visited at home in the middle of the night by an alien who has travelled to Earth to embark on a career in the industry. Sheepsbere Bay: Comedy/Drama pilot set in fictional seaside town of Sheepsbere Bay in Dorset. Ray struggles to save his pub as the credit crunch hits, meaning regulars such as Gay-Boe Custard, Dick the Harbourmaster and Brian the plumber may lose the social hub that has become crucial to their well-being. The House On Highbury Hill: This new production of author Piers Paul Read’s classic BBC Radio drama follows the story of Casimir, a young man who becomes entangled in a love triangle after he turns his back on priesthood and leaves the seminary where he had grown up. For now these podcasts can be downloaded from, but when their site comes down to be revamped in April they can be downloaded from The Fix.