Artist of the Week: La Fine Equipe

la fine equipe

This week, the artist making our ears tingle is French mix collective La Fine Equipe. Now, Francophiles we may be, but alas we speak little of the Gallic tongue, so deciphering information on these funk, soul and hip hop chaps has been tough. Nevertheless, we can identify three top reasons why they shine above any of the other ten-a-penny DJ Yoda wannabes.

1. They are French, which means that it is easy to make a cognitive link between their vocals and those of Brigitte and Serge.

2. Their tracks are more or less limited to two minutes, which self-defeatingly means they have to have twice as many ideas per album than your average artist.

3. They mix in more afrobeat than most, and thanks to Reason 2, we’re not talking 25 minute Fela bongo solos.

Plus this beauty below is from their 2011 album, called ‘La Boulangerie 2’. Which is just perfect.

Conal Dougan