Going to Glasto? Album Review: Seasick Steve – Hubcap Music (Released Monday 29th April)

Review By Katy Gundry –

03Ahead of this week’s Glastonbury Festival, we’re dipping into our archives to re-post reviews of acts playing. You can watch Seasick Steve on West Holts Stage at 8.30pm on Friday 28th June.  Many of us have already heard the name Seasick Steve, either from his legendary Glastonbury Festival performances or his equally memorable appearance on the Jools Holland show, but for those of you haven’t heard this name before it’s about time you did so please read on (and then google him). Steven Gene Wold (born, 1941) or as we know him, Seasick Steve is a blues/American folk musician from California. Getting inspiration from his father who was a pianist, at age 8 Seasick Steve started to play blues guitar and he hasn’t stopped since. He has spent his whole career in music and along with having the likes of Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain as musical acquaintances back in the day, he is now currently working with John Paul Jones, Luther Dickensen and Jack White on his new Album ‘Hubcap Music’ which will be available in the UK on April 29th. The reason for the aptly named ‘Hubcap Music’ album according to Seasick Steve’s press release is because, ‘I play some songs on a guitar made out of 2 hubcaps and a garden hoe’. This guy is so down to earth and not only is he able to play incredible blues music he is able to make it even more original by making his own instruments to complement his own sound. When listening to Seasick Steve, both live and album, you get an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. He is a lyrical genius and each song tells a story of his past in such a way that you get swept up in the moment and lose yourself for a minute or two. A perfect example of this is the track “Self Sufficient Man”; through the ultra bluesy rhythm and sound you hear the story of his early life. You know you are in the presence of true musical talent when they are able to make you feel and imagine through the music that they play. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScmGIjETdUM The most astonishing thing about this album is not only that home-made instruments are being played but that it is recorded completely live straight on to tape. It is being edited on tape, cut on tape and finalised… on tape. There were absolutely no computers used in the making of this album AT ALL! It is great to hear the hiss behind a track and the background noise of performers. You really get to listen to not just the song but also the heart of the whole recording process. It is a breath of fresh air to have an album that is true to its roots and is completely organic and to all you old school music lovers or hipsters – this album will also be available on Vinyl. The styles of each song, although in a blues genre, are all very different and there is no way you can listen to this album and not like at least one track. One of my favourite tracks is “Purple Shadows”, which is a slow Bluesy number with a female harmony throughout. It is quite simply one of the most beautiful songs I have heard, full stop. Not only are these song brilliantly written and enjoyable to listen to, the uniqueness of the instruments used and the way in which this album was recorded is stepping up the standard of performing and recording for all other musicians to follow. Seasick Steve’s ‘Hubcap Music’ should definitely be in your top ten albums of 2013! Find out more about Seasick Steve and his official website