Something for the Weekend: Slept-on Tracks of 2014 II

27th December 2014

For the second leg of my ‘Slept on Tracks of the Year’, I have chosen to pick exquisite remixes and reworks. As always in the world of music, and especially electronic music, people listen to tracks and feel they have an interesting interpretation on a track they would like to share. Everyone has an opinion, and these opinions should always be embraced. I am sick and tired of the common lines ‘they wrecked that track’, ‘its not as good as the original’ etc – first of all remixes are never in competition with the original – it is an interpretation, for better or worse, it is another opinion on a track delivered in an audio experience. Secondly, remixes can give a track new life, a new playground to be played upon. I have chosen three of my favourites from 2014. 

Gregory Porter – ‘Musical Genocide’ (Ludovic Navarre aka St Germain)

A cocktail of my favourite modern soul singer and one of my favourite house artists of all time – I love the original track but Ludovic Navarre (St. Germain) gives this a new life. A beautiful vocal intro that sets the beat with light bass and persistent highs that leads us into a brilliant jazz/downtempo house track. I am usual sceptical about record store day releases but this crossover track released last RSD is a winning combination. More please.

Bicep – ‘Satisfy’ ( John Talabot Altmix )
Not included in the 12″ release and I don’t know why. John Talabot’s alternative remix of Belfast boy Bicep is phenomenal – the perfect of mix of acid, house and tribal percussion. A beautifully building 7 minutes of lush chords, stabby synths and acid. Its a melodic trip. Also up for free download on soundcloud. Excellent! 

K15 – ‘The Story of Her Life’
This will probably get its much needed attention soon, but for now I will highlight it. Recently released on Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats label, London based producer K15 delivers a timeless house mini-album of lush vocals, chords and jams that are suited to clubs, bars, living rooms and headphones! This is an amazing track, the slowed down vocals sampled from Hidden Agenda’s 1994 house track Story of my life are warm and inviting. What was once a garage house track is now an emotional down tempo deep house track.

Colpey Calling