Unseen – Short Film Indiegogo Campaign

Artwork for 'Unseen'Unseen is a short film written by Gabby Hawes of Glastonbury who has teamed up with other talented young Bristol filmmakers at Artswork Media to produce a hard-hitting drama. Inspired by real case studies, Gabby will also direct this captivating production that focuses on the trauma of human trafficking in the UK and domestic servitude. Originally from Nigeria, Adanna is now in an ordinary house in the UK, but forced into a life of slavery. Adanna lives in fear of her employer Amirah, and the emotional and physical abuse she inflicts upon her. The only positive relationship in Adanna’s life is with Amirah’s young daughter, Hana. After taking Hana to school one morning, Adanna meets Joshua, a newly qualified doctor, who notices Adanna’s nervous behaviour and becomes concerned. Suspicions high, Joshua attempts to help Adanna, but when an opportunity arrives to escape the hardship, Adanna faces a difficult decision between supporting her desperate family back in Africa and trying to make a better life for herself. The production team is currently raising funds through the crowd-funding site Indiegogo to help support the making of this film. Setting a goal of £750, this really is the bare minimum and the team are investing financially themselves. Gabby hopes that Unseen will to help make a difference. This is an issue that doesn’t get enough publicity or attention, so they are determined to make the completed film available as a resource to charities and schools to help raise awareness of trafficking in the UK. Every penny raised will help make that a reality. If you can’t afford to donate, there’s loads of other ways to help. Please share our campaign on Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can. Any support you can give is hugely appreciated. For more information visit facebook.com/unseenshortfilm and to view the Indiegogo campaign visit http://igg.me/at/Unseen