24 – Live Another Day – Trailer Released

Written by Arran Dutton – Jack Bauer is back and this time London is the setting for the chaos that will unfold as the noble, damaged hero many grew to love over insane DVD marathons returns for another series of 24 this May. It seems fitting that the story is set in the UK as the show is revived; when the original series was struggling for ratings in the States it was its impact over here that saved 24 and allowed it to become one of the most successful series that FOX ever produced. Of course, 24 had a unique selling point, which ultimately pulled viewers in with the idea that you see the action unfold in real time. Yes, so you may not know what Jack and co did in those 5 minute advert breaks, one would hope he took a quick bite of that Snickers bar in his pocket or the time to take a pee, but the idea was certainly novel, revolutionary and made for great entertainment. Though it was argued there was an air of predictability about each series, there would always be a traitor within CTU for example, the quality from series one through to five was exceptional. Sure, perhaps in comparison to the programming being put out by the likes of HBO, Showtime and the like now, the mainstream network show could be viewed as being a bit cheesy in places as are many shows put out by FOX with over the top patriotism, the lack of swears and holding back where it could have become a lot more gritty, but for me it was the format that had won those fans over that hindered the quality in the later series. With 24 episodes required by the network and the show’s premise it often led to unnecessary characters and subplots being written in and as a result it all became a little long-winded, convoluted, and I had to ask myself if I really cared about some of these one season wonders that were rocking up by the end of 24. Now, the new series returns and it’s just 12 episodes in length. For me it’s a look to the heavens and an “at last” that is spoken from my mouth. If only season six had been 12 episodes, we wouldn’t have seen all that nonsense about Jack’s rebellious brother and dad being part of another take over the world plot, or in season seven it would have ended on Tony Almeida going from bad to good once we find out he’s an insider and he seemingly helps Jack save the day. Only, this didn’t happen – he became a ‘baddy’ flipped back to the dark side again and this sparked a whole new plot twist and created a series that passed its perfect end and was stretched out for another 10 episodes or more. You see the overall tighter narratives from series produced by the aforementioned cable networks coming in at 10-15 episodes and it’s no surprise that the quality of the storytelling is all that little bit more gripping because of its concise nature and focus on the core characters. So, I for one am glad to see Jack back. He’s one of my favourite fictional characters of all time and at one point in my life I wished I could be him. Perhaps with out the pressure of hammering out season after season to the tight schedules and demands of the corporate heads set by FOX, the writing team behind this new series has had the time to carefully plot a more condensed story with all the action, excitement and sheer Bauerness that the fans love. Well done, FOX, you sly son of a bitch. Here’s the trailer: