Artist of the Week: Dan Sartain


Dan Sartain originally emerged as one of the better acts to come out of the surge in stripped-back roots music that was so spectacularly spearheaded by the White Stripes. The Birmingham, Alabama man was deemed a “rockabilly troubadour” with his big quiff, pencil moustache and massive guitar.

However, for his 2014 album, ‘Dudesblood’, Sartain has fused this rockabilly with punk, blues and garage rock, and, for that added touch of weirdness, what sounds like a glockenspiel. Amazingly, it works, and standout track “Pass This On” comes out sounding like an 80s New Romantic trying to seduce a coconut.

Now here’s some good news for you: he’s playing in Bristol on this coming Sunday (28th September) at The Lousiana. So what are you waiting for? Buy a ticket!

Conal Dougan