Bodywork’s Mix for The Fix

bodywork-mixAhead of their 1st Birthday Bash, Prince of Persia from Bristol DJ collective Bodywork put together an all-vinyl mix especially for The Fix. Originally premiered on our fortnightly radio show Colpey Calling x The Fix, the mix is now available to listen to in full. Check it out below!

Bodywork is a collective of DJs, Promoters, Event Organisers, Set Designers, VJs, Graphic Designers & Dancers that try to pull it all together into one Big Fancy Dress Gym-Themed Discotheque in venues around the city. 
We try and put a lot of effort and detail into making our night special: from the artwork, event write-ups, gym decor, glitterati girls (who chuck glitter on you upon entry) even to how you are greeted on the door. There is nothing wrong with having a DJ in a venue for your clubnight but as we’ve come from festival backgrounds we’re trying to make it a fully submersive experience – akin to the experiences we’ve had at festivals like Boomtown, SGP, Shambala and of course Glastonbury.
They’re celebrating their 1st Birthday by putting on a big bash at The Crofters Rights on Friday 6 March, featuring the undeniable skills of Bill Brewster and Banoffee Pies.
When they’re not putting on parties the Bodywork collective are DJing all over Bristol’s bars and nightclubs and trying to persuade punters to work on their groin lunges. Just don’t get them to demonstrate their own fitness…
Telephones – ‘Lotusland’ (Sunrise Mix)
Noodleman – ‘Rusty Halo’
Mark E – ‘For Love’
SOS Band – ‘Groovin’ (That’s what we’re doin’)’
Fat Larry’s Band – ‘(Are you Ready) Do the Bus Stop’
Greg Wilson – ‘I was a Teenage DJ’
The Revenge – ‘Unfinished Edits Are Out Of My Hands’
Alice Smith – ‘Love Endeavour’ (Maurice Fulton Mix)
Hristo – ‘Mandingo in Space’
Conal Dougan