Must See Monday – Event of the Week

What: Clifton Suspension Bridge 150th Anniversary Fireworks Display // Where: Clifton Village // When: Sun 7th Dec  (7pm) // Cost: Free


There aren’t many more iconic Bristol landmarks than the Clifton Suspension Bridge. So when Brunel’s old girl turns 150 you know it gonna be a pretty big deal!!

And to mark the occasion on Sunday 7th December, Bristol will be celebrating like its 1864 with a sensational firework display on the aforementioned Grade 1 listed landmark!

The display will be set to music, available over a broadcast system. Its all free – just turn up and watch! The display begins at 7pm and will last approximately 12 minutes.

The best viewing locations will be the Portway, Brunel Way and Cumberland Basin. It will be possible to walk down Bridge Valley Road and turn right onto the Portway to watch from the Sea Walls side, as well as watching from the city side.

There is an exclusion zone for your safety from Clifton Observatory to the side of the gorge, running across Suspension Bridge Road, over the grassy area next to the bridge and down Sion Hill past the zig zag path. This area will be fenced off. The Portway and Avon Trail underneath the Suspension Bridge will be closed to pedestrians from 18:00 – 20:00 for safety reasons. Please note that the display will not begin until these areas have been cleared of all members of the public.

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