Photo of the Week

George Ezra was back in town last night for his sold-out show at Bristol’s O2 Academy.
GeorgeEzra_clean 8 I’d photographed him before at The Fleece so knew what to expect from his stage performance. He doesn’t move about a lot on stage, so I knew it was important to catch it when he did – especially as the general rule for most shows at this level is that access for photographers is limited to 3 songs. This allows any media to photograph the act for only the first three songs of any performance. It gives enough time to get in and photograph while not getting in the way of the crowd and distracting the performer for too much from their performance. This shot was one of my favourites from the night. It has a nice impact with his guitar coming right towards the lens. Ideally it wouldn’t be covering quite so much of his head/neck area but I was still pretty happy with it, if I’d have moved a tad to the left at the time of shooting I would have been happier though. Have you been to any gigs with your camera lately? We’d love to see whom you’ve been watching. Send in your favourites to get them featured here! Next week I plan on something completely different, something I’ve never tried before, so keep your eyes peeled!  
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