Interview: Laura Doggett

27th March 2015

pictureThe last year has been a whirlwind of success for Bath’s Laura Doggett.

Following our review of her show at the Bristol Birdcage we caught up Laura as she concludes her very first headline UK tour.

What was it like when the folks from Broadchurch got in touch about using ‘Old Faces’?

I was super excited, the storyline of Broadchurch matches the song perfectly and I was honoured. It was so huge in Season 1 that I couldn’t believe I’d get that coverage. Very grateful for the exposure and the new fans.

You were a runner up in 2012’s The Next Brit Thing. What do you remember about that experience?

It’s now called The Big Music Project and I remember it being a lovely journey of auditions and live shows at a time when getting industry exposure was very crucial to my development. Thankfully there were the right people there and they were kind enough to make a personal approach.

It is expected that your debut album will come out at some point this year. How is that process going and when do you anticipate it to be ready?

I’ll know when I know, but for now I’m giving it all the time it needs to become something I feel very proud of. I’m performing long sets of around 13 songs at the moment so we’re pretty much playing an album – but there’s still something missing and I’m searching for it; in a natural way… It is my baby!

In a truly unique opportunity you played at the Shakespeare Globe? What was it like, and are there any other similarly unique places you’d love to play?

Playing the Globe was an awesome night – it is super intimate, super intense, however, it was also a challenge and I learnt a lot from that night. Most of all, it was amazing to feel the love of the audience, I felt very honoured. I’d love to play in a cave!… Probably a logistical nightmare but a creative dream.

REVIEW: Laura Doggett, Bristol Birdcage

Laura Doggett, Bristol Birdcage. Photo by Steffania Formica

As well as popping back to Bath College (where you studied music yourself) to see the students you have also offered unsigned acts the opportunity to support you on your current tour, could you explain why its important to you to give such opportunities?

There are so many talented voices that need to be heard and any platform can be useful. There will be industry at my gigs so it’s great to be able to give someone a chance at playing in front of an audience where someone could know someone who could make their dreams come true.

What was the standard of applicants for the support act like?

I had so many incredible applicants – I chose Sam Johnson, I’ve&Gold and Joe Jury and they were all incredible – along with Alice Jemima who played for all 3 dates.

You recently announced your headlining Dot 2 Dot Festival, and have a few upcoming shows in Bristol as well. As a self confessed fan of the Bath music scene how do you feel when playing in Bristol, is it similar?

Bristol is very similar, it’s full of all age groups and all kinds of different people who just love live music which is why I love it. You never know who you’re going to find at your gigs and can never guess it’ll be any particular demographic; I have people there coming to my shows who are 14 and people who are 60. It’s exciting to see such a friendly group of people coming together for one reason. Everyone is kind and supportive and passionate. Can’t wait to go back for Dot to Dot.

Speaking of festivals…With festival line-ups beginning to be announced can you discuss any dates you’re playing that you are particularly looking forward to this summer?

We have the Great Escape, Somersault, Live at Leeds, and my headline show at XOYO May 13th in London. Plus more to be announced!

Laura’s new EP ‘Into The Glass’ is out on May 4th.

To get a copy click here.

By Kevin McGough