Album Review: ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’ – The Manic Shine

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 15.44.28Review by Katy Gundry –

Individually they are Ozzie Rodgers (Lead Vocal / Guitar), Orren Karp (Backing Vocal / Guitar), Hutch Hutchison (Bass), Tamir Karp (Drums / Backing Vocals). Collectively they are The Manic Shine and after the release of their second album ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’ and their UK tour they are heading for a very busy 2013. The Manic Shine are a 4 piece rock/alternative band from North London. The current line-up have been together for the past two years and with each holding a Degree in Music their combined knowledge for their craft and musicianship really shines through in this fantastically powerful album. Their first single “Pretend” from the album ‘Blindsider’ got them huge recognition from NME and BBC Introducing and since then, they have supported many a big named artist, Carl Barat and The Maccabees, to name but a few. This, along with their passion for touring, has built up a loyal fan base that has helped fund their current album, ‘Let Go Or Be Dragged’. To help produce the album the band enlisted the help of ‘The Animal Farm’ producers. They took a chance and bravely decided to record completely live, with no click-track and no Protools. The chance has completely paid off. There is a real rawness to this album, which is often lost in many other albums that have been over edited and overproduced. The four-piece have really succeeded in creating an album that combines both a modern sound with modern instruments, and the natural rhythm and beefiness of a live band. And to this I shall tip my metaphorical hat. The opener for this album is “Tin Crown Kings”. It fuses huge riffs with thumping bass lines, and with an incredibly catchy chorus grabs you by the ears and does not let go. This song was a great way to open this album, as, much like cake, after the first piece, you would quite like another. It is safe to say that these guys are fantastic musicians and they have started this album the way they intend it to go on throughout; intense, loud, beefy, melodic and catchy. As the album was recorded in a live setting with no click track, it has affected the whole being of the tracks. The changes in the dynamics and tempo happen very naturally and makes for easy listening. With a high standard of recording from a live album I can only imagine how great these guys would be live in concert. It is also clear when listening to this album how in sync the band are with each other and the understanding of the roles each individual plays in this setup. The Percussion, Bass and Synth are incredibly in time and each fit together so perfectly in both melody and rhythm. With the Guitar and Vocals creating an unforgettable counter melody over the top it is easy to see why this band have such a strong fan following. I highly recommend this album. Whether you like modern alternative/rock or old school rock and roll this band is able to provide on all counts. They will give you synths galore with up-beat songs that get your blood pumping. And well, with their incredibly high standard of performance and their unwillingness to conform to a melodined vocal they have the rawness and uniqueness that most of us music lovers crave. So, I shall raise a glass to The Manic Shine and to a very successful 2013. For more about this band visit their official website