Must See Monday – Events of the Week

23rd March 2015


What: …In the Middle With You by Hagit Yakira Dance // Where: Circomedia // When: Thurs 26th March (7.30pm) // Cost: £10/£8

This poignant piece delves in the nature of human experience. At times light and playful, at times stark and entrancing, the choreography moves us in very personal ways. Original music and a cast of five dancers, lure audiences in, with personal stories of love, friendship, loss and life, energy and physicality to take us to a more muted and abstract experience that becomes highly intimate. Uplifting and inspiring,…in the middle with you makes an emotional poem of the every day life.

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Sun Ra Arkestra @ The Lantern // Mon 23rd Mar (8:00 pm) // Cost: £19.5Sun-Ra-Arkestra-Instantly recognisable for their colorful robes, mock-metallic capes, and space headgear (it’s the only jazz orchestra that brings a tailor on tour), The Sun Ra Arkestra are, (almost) literally, not of this Earth. Founded by pianist, band leader and improviser Sun Ra, the Arkestra’s music has been characterised by his unique philosophy and preoccupation with space travel from its inception. Sun Ra even denied that he came from Earth, preferring to think of himself as “from another dimension, I am on this planet because people need me.”

The Arkestra’s live shows are a sight to behold, with their space-age quasi-religious attire, dancers, group chants, and often the entire band juking its way, single-file, through the audience. Over the years the ensemble has been known by various names, including the Myth-Science Arkestra, the Solar Myth Arkestra, and the Omniverse Arkestra. Although Sun Ra departed this world in 1993, the Arkestra still performs today, under the able direction of alto saxophonist Marshall Allen.


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5Hz: Emma Smith @ Arnolfini // Fri 20th Mar -Mon 6th April (11am – 6pm) // Cost: Free

image_cropArtist Emma Smith presents 5Hz – an interactive exhibition that invites audiences to experience a new human language.

The concept of Emma Smith’s work is to imagine an alternative evolution of voice and create a language that strengthens human connection.

5Hz is the result of a collaborative research process with psychologist Laurence White (Plymouth University), cognitive neuroscientist Nina Kazanina, and musicologist Emma Hornby (both University of Bristol). Building on this research, Emma Smith worked with Laurence White to create a language for the role of social bonding.

The exhibition will introduce audiences to this new vocal practice through interactive events and installations including a sound chamber installation where visitors can try the language themselves, the presentation of the language’s visual transcription, an interactive sound library and research space, fun online experiments, and live choral performances. There will also be a programme of workshops, activities, talks and discussions that will explore aspects of human voice.

The exhibition has been developed from a series of electroencephalography experiments, language evolution workshops and public research labs that took place at Arnolfini in 2014.

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By Kevin McGough