New Singles of the Week

26th April 2016

Melt Yourself Down – ‘Jump the Fire’

‘Jump the Fire’ is the second single from Melt Yourself Down’s new album Last Evenings On Earth, which will be released on 29th April. Having promoted the band’s last single, ‘The God of You’, only a few weeks ago, there are a couple of reasons for giving ‘Jump the Fire’ a mention. Firstly, Melt Yourself Down are playing at the Exchange in Bristol this week, presenting the all-too-rare chance to see saxophone powerhouses Pete Wareham and Shabaka Hutchings on the same bill.

Secondly, the band received a superb comment on their Bandcamp from a Mr John Cratchley, who lauded them thus: “Outrageous self-confidence…aural machine wreckers and the scourge of all luddites!” Safe to say, if any Luddites are considering making their way down to the Exchange, it may be advisable for them to stick to their pre-industrial weaving looms. Having said that, if any Luddites are reading this then they will surely soon be self-flagellating for sinking their minds into the witchcraft of the internet.

Kid Ink ft Fetty Wap – ‘Promise’

For his latest release hip hop man Brian Todd Collins, AKA Kid Ink, has teamed up with renowned vegetarian Feta Wrap to produce ‘Promise’.With the Twittersphere currently in open warfare over whether Feta or Justin Bieber has worse dreadlocks, Feta decided to take some time out to contribute some typically strained vocals to this monstrosity. As the video attests, the only safe haven for Feta from the hoards of Beliebers was the inside a tanning bed.

It seems that dear ol’ Kid Ink has been drinking to much milk, as he spends most of the video for ‘Promise’ meandering around in an electric car while looking incredibly sleepy. Not many people realise it, but Ink shares many things in common with former Middlesex cricketer Phil ‘The Cat’ Tufnell, the primary one being the lackadaisical ability to take a nap anywhere and at any time. The problem is he’s been having a non-stop barney with his missus, who’s in a right piss, so he hasn’t caught 40 winks for a whole eight hours. He’s barely had a chance to practice his left arm spin either.

Seven Davis Jr – ‘Church’

‘Church’ is taken from the upcoming EP Dancing on the Sun by intergalactic vocalist and producer Seven Davis Jr. Ninja Tune favourite Davis Jr has the uncanny knack of producing electronic music which is both extremely robust and danceable, while also being wonky and unpredictable. ‘Church’ continues this fine tradition, starting out with some fairly standard stabby rave synths before spiralling into unhinged distorted vocals and, unless I’m very much mistaken, a rhythm section featuring a distinctive cowbell.

The video for ‘Church’ is a monotone montage of Davis Jr’s life, some of which is more interesting than others. Unenlightening images of him DJing are interspersed with him fiddling with his cat and wandering outside an Emergency Exit sign. Elsewhere, there are proclamations of musical love typed out in Word: “music saves lives”; “there is a dimension without genres”; “the future is right now”; “without love the world will destroy itself”; “we live in an exciting era”; “it’s not all shit”; “come in peace”. Bang on.

Conal Dougan