Photo of the Week

Poppies This time, Photo of the Week is rather topical. With Remembrance Day fast approaching, the poppies around the Tower of London have been a huge attraction to millions of visitors since their installation. Last weekend I made my way up to the big smoke to have a look myself. A combination of leaving a little later than planned, tube delays and it being dark at 5pm meant we arrived with the sun down and the lights up. Most of the photography I’d seen of the poppies was in broad daylight and I was looking forward to photographing them in the daylight – but I didn’t get the chance. This meant I had to shoot them with the light available from the streetlights and floodlights surrounding the tower as using a flash in this situation would be a no-no,  I also didn’t have my tripod with me, so I made do with resting on bins and rails for stability. It made for a quite dramatic and different image to what I’d previously seen of the poppies, the reds of the poppies were coming across really rich, almost bloodlike. If you haven’t managed to make it to London to see them, it really is an impressive sight. Have you been to see the poppies? What did you think? We’d love to see your photos, we’ll feature them here! if you fancy it. Will Fahy