Photo of the Week

WHL_7015 1Something a bit different this week. With the weather taking a turn for the worse recently and the wet stuff coming from the sky again, I decided to choose something with a watery theme for this week’s photo. I was torn between two images to feature this week, I’m sure the other will get it’s turn at some point. 10 points goes to the person who can guess the location of this little waterfall, any guesses? I came across it whilst out shooting big shoes in the woods. Sounds strange – it was a catalogue shoot for a company who sell shoes for people with big feet, up to a UK 19, they were huge! I was struggling along a little track, with shoe boxes under one arm, camera on my back, tripod under my other arm and heard this hidden away behind the hedges. Once I laid eyes on it, I decided to take a little time out from photographing shoes and set my tripod up. To get the ‘flowing water’ effect, I slowed the shutter down so that the camera could capture the movement of the water coming over the rocks and used a remote shutter release to prevent any camera shake. I was pretty happy with the outcome. Do you have any water related images? We’d love to see. As always, the email address is if you’d like to see your photos featured here. Whil Fahy