The Fix Podcast – Ep1 – ‘Forgive the Length and Lurgie’

So, we’ve decided to do a podcast. It’s been something we’ve been thinking about for a while, it’s been fluttering around on the back burner for quite some time, but we were forced into action when we interviewed Mackenzie Crook a few weeks ago and thought that our recorded interview with The Office and Pirates of the Caribbean star about his new show Detectorists was too good to not share with our readers. Why the title ‘Forgive the Length and Lurgie’? Well, being thrown together in record time, The Fix’s founder and the podcast’s makeshift presenter, Arran Dutton, quickly found who he deemed to be suitable interview subjects and requested music submissions from artists in the Bristol and Somerset area, fully expecting at least some of it to be completely shit and thus easily ending up on the cutting room floor. But that wasn’t the case! “I roped in musician and comedy club organiser Nick Parker and the filmmaker James Barber as well as The Fix‘s Conal Dougan, who developed a pretty weird radio voice from out of nowhere by the way, and there was too much lovely content to cut away. THEN, a barrage of submissions from musicians led to about twice the amount of music going in. The end result was a bumper sized podcast that’s around 1 hour and 35 minutes long. Oops.” ‘What about the lurgie?’ We hear you ask. Well, Arran had a stinking cold throughout; if we were to say he sounded ‘proper lush,’ we’d be lying. Of course, if you’ve already heard the podcast you’d know that because there were several directions to THIS PAGE to find out more about the musicians and contributors featured. So here’s the links we’ve promised you: GUESTS: Mackenzie Crook: Find out about Detectorists and more at Nick Parker: Find out more about Travestees Comedy Club at (Music details below) James Barber: James’s latest videos can be found at and The Awkward Conversations We Have films are available to stream at FEATURED MUSIC: Nick Parker: Tracks – ‘Never Been To Dublin’ and ‘Could We At Least Try?’ – Find out more at Swampgrass: Track – ‘Little Things’ – Find out more on their official Facebook page Bob Gallie: Track – ‘Blood and Bones’ – Listen to Bob on his Reverbnation page Missart: Track – ‘Dreamcatcher’ – Keep up to date on their Facebook page Chloe Warren: Track – ‘Hereafter’ – For more head to her Facebook page Mr Keep Calm and the Cancelled Cheques: Track – ‘No, No, No, No’ – Keep up to date at Xilo: Track – ‘Dragging Knuckles’ – Find out more at their Facebook page Flight Brigade: Track – ‘Sirens’ – Follow the band’s progress at For further information and to enter our ‘how many apologies?’ competition email