Something for the Weekend

Donegal mix master Colpey Calling selects his new Track of the Week, as well as the Best Track You’ve Never Heard.

Track of the Week

Floating Points – ‘Nuits Sonores’ (2014)

Technically this hasn’t been released yet (although it is available for preorder). However, as Sam Shephard, AKA Floating Points, is coming to Bristol this Saturday, I thought it was fitting to highlight his new track ‘Nuit Sonores’. It is more dancefloor orientated than his previous releases, but it isn’t rushed to impress a dancefloor either. It is a slow-building deep house track – with all the sort of lush organic samples we have come to expect from one of electronic/jazz/house’s most talented individuals. The trips of acid, the layered drums and clicks produce 12 minutes of dance floor brilliance – there is no generic 808 drum beat in here. Shephard never loses sight of where he has come from; the drums, cymbals, piano all sound organic and jazzy. It’s as if we are sat in front of a band listening! Bring on Saturday at the Factory Studios! I missed this a couple of weeks ago – but this EP by K15 on Wild Oats is amazing! Breath it in.

Whirlpool Productions – ‘From Disco to Disco’ (1996)

A crossover disco/techno track from the early 90s that was produced in Cologne? Hell yes! This is an absolute jam. It has everything – a driven techno percussion, disco style vocals, acid house flavours in the background and jazzy piano! What is not to like? Dive in, this will get your hips shaking!