Something for the Weekend

Tracks of the Week

Paranoid London – Paranoid London (2015)

Paranoid London – the media-shunning collective – have just released their first album. Having picked up my copy yesterday I can say it is very good! Paranoid London have a few rules: they don’t do promo, they only release on vinyl and they use mainly vintage synths. They have let their music do the talking since their first releases in 2007. In a time when DJs are worshipped like the Gods of yesteryear, it is refreshing to see artists who cut through the bullshit and with it the, which I am guilty of sometimes, romanticised and wishy washy descriptions of tracks and sounds. The description of the album, that was released this week, reads:

From the moment you hear the first warm pads you know this is going to be an epic journey.
Not really. Here is some more repetitive, machine bass music for DJs to play loud & dancers to freak to.

Says it all really. I have linked you to the album sampler and their song ‘Paris Dub 1’. Have a listen, and if you want it be quick – these sell fast and will pop up on the internet for crazy prices soon. All previous songs are available for streaming on Soundcloud.

I also recommend the new Chicago Jim LP

The Best Track You’ve Never Heard

Geinō Yamashirogumi – ‘Akira Theme Tune (Kaneda)’ (1988)

This is glorious – the theme tune of Japanese animated science fiction film Akira. 
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