Something for the Weekend

Donegal mix master Colpey Calling selects his new Track of the Week, as well as the Best Track You’ve Never Heard.

Track of the Week

Doc Daneeka – “Together” (2014)

The whole EP covers lots of house styles – from disco driven to an acid deep house vibe. It’s all great! I pick the second track for the this weeks pick – mainly because I have been thriving off funk and disco recently! I love it! Get up on it! The whole EP on vinyl is six pounds on Bandcamp – Bargain!

Best Track You’ve Never Heard

Charlie – “Space Woman” (1983)

Need something to rescue a struggling dancefloor? Well look further… This classic sounds as fresh now as it dad when it first dropped in 1983! A crazy funky italo-disco banger! Words can’t describe – dive in – but beware your feet may start to shuffle! Re-released this week on vinyl.