Photo of the Week

LMF 2014 WHL_0789 Welcome to WHIL Wednesdays. We are opening a photo of the week series, where our readers can have their photography featured here on The Fix’s very own website. From time to time I’ll experiment with different photography techniques with the odd tip thrown in, if you fancy trying these too, we’d love to see what you can do. As you know, we’re mad about music and the arts – so we’ll also be featuring photography from festivals and gigs we’ve attended to show you some of our favourite shots. This week’s image is from my most recent and last festival of the summer this year. The festival was in Looe, Cornwall with the main stage set right on the beach…sun beaming down and the sand between your toes and all that. A band called The Red Hot Chilli Pipers took to the stage, a cover band with a difference, a whole gang of them sporting bagpipes, guitars, drums and more – it was going to be big and the crowd knew it. This shot was from their opening song. I don’t remember what the song was, I tend to concentrate so much on lighting, keeping track of everyone on stage and making sure I’m set to capture whatever may happen – that I don’t actually listen. They were full of energy and total crowd pleasers, the lighting techs did a smashing job of making the stage look great so it made my job a whole lot easier. I was quite happy with this one, the sunburst each side of the drummer and that little bit of movement in the sticks to create some energy in the shot. If you would like to be featured here, please send your topical image with a short description of where you were and what the image is of to: To find more shots from WHIL Photography click here. Will Fahy * Please ensure that the image used is your own, or if not that permission is sought for its redistribution. Any copyrighted images used without consent will be disqualified.