Throwback Thursday: Retro Track of the Week

les_rockets_creme_bruleeSong: Future Woman
Artist: Les Rockets
Year: 1975

This week we take you to the edge of the galaxy, a place where space meets disco and all synths are tuned to Interstellar Mode. For some reason, all the aliens either speak French or a kind of English where “the” is pronounced “ze”.

Fear not, we haven’t gone completely mad. Throwback Thursday this week brings you Les Rockets, a French outfit who have had more line-up changes and identity crises than…well, something with a lot of line-up changes and identity crises. At various points performing under the band names Crystal, Rocket Men, The Rocketteers, Les Rockets, Tom ‘n’ Jerry’s Rockets, Silver Rockets, Roketz and Rok-Etz, we reckon they quite like spaceships.

Here is a funky little tune from them in which they prattle on about how sexy space is and how space women are the best. Enjoy.

Conal Dougan