Why Du Blonde at The Louisiana is the one gig you should see this week

2nd June 2015

Artist: Du Blonde

Venue: The Louisiana

Date: Saturday 6th June, 19.30


In a nod to heroes Bowie, Bolan and Captain Beefheart, Newcastle-born Beth Jeans Houghton has been reincarnated as Du Blonde. More than just a sideline, Du Blonde brings a new name, a new band and a new sound, with a stripped back and snarling set of tracks that contrast sharply with the poignant balladry of Houghton’s previous work.

This is a new sound, a new project. Du Blonde is a new incarnation and one step closer to assuming my ultimate form. Having freed myself from the rusty and bloody shackles of Beth Jeans Houghton – both musically and spiritually – I felt it only right to step forth under a new name and let the rituals commence.

Du Blonde

The heavy riff of ‘Black Flag’, released in April, introduced these rituals, while ‘Hunter’ is a more soulful affair. As the photo above suggests, Du Blonde is also keen to bring the dubious merkin back into fashion, and she is even offering hand crafted groin warmers and personal tattoo designs for some packages of her recently-released album Welcome Back to Milk.

This should be some gig!

Conal Dougan