Review: Bristol Revunions and Friends Too

14 March 2015
Considering the success of last week’s show with Cambridge Footlights and the Oxford Revue, it is no surprise that The Wardrobe Theatre is full for Bristol Revunions’ latest offering. A week-long residency in the theatre – one of Bristol’s hidden gems, which could easily double a…

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The Weekend Binge - Better Call Saul? You Decide...

7th March 2015

For the latest in this series in ‘The Weekend Binge,’ I thought I’d mix things up a bit and instead of eulogising about series that you ‘must watch’ I want you to check out the much talked about Better Call Saul, which I’m still on the fence on (and that’s putting it politely) and …

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The Weekend Binge – Dexter – Seasons 1-8 now streaming on Netflix

Everybody loves a vigilante – I mean, let’s be honest, who hasn’t secretly wished they could be Batman or Batwoman? I know what you’re thinking – why hasn’t Batwoman been created yet? I often wonder what I’d be like as Batman. I’m a bit of a wimp so I’d probably be a shit Batman, but then again I am…

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The Weekend Binge - The IT Crowd - Now streaming on Channel 4 OD and Netflix

21st February 2015
Known for creating the successful sitcoms Black Books and Father Ted, writer Graham Lineham teamed up with The Office’s producer, Ash Atalla, and did what many thought was impossible and out-dated when making The IT Crowd – they took the computer nerd stereotype and breathed new …

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The Weekend Binge – The Shield – Entire series streaming on Netflix now

14th February 2015

Earlier this week I was driving along a busy main road at night when I saw a dead animal lying yards away from my car. I drove around it but I noticed a collar reflecting back at me as my headlights bounced off it. I thought about my own dogs, “Would I want them to be left in t…

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The Weekend Binge – Five documentaries streaming on Netflix now

7th February 2015
Hello to my five regular readers. Joe, I see you’re still doing well on Fantasty Football. Sarah, I hope that rash has cleared up. Maria, fingers crossed that he doesn’t actually decide to dump you but I wouldn’t blame him if he did because you’re kind of a slut. Mike, I think you…

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The Weekend Binge: The Bridge

31st January 2015For about 7 years now it’s been widely acknowledged that watching foreign films and television is actually pretty hip and these days you don’t have to worry so much about talking about your latest experience with subtitles and being tarnished with the pretentious brush. Through the …

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The Weekend Binge: The Office: An American Workplace - Now streaming on Netflix

24th January 2015
Steve Carell is amongst the most talked about in Hollywood at the moment after his portrayal of eccentric millionaire John Du Pont in the uncomfortable true story of Foxcatcher led to his Oscar nomination for best lead actor. For Carell, this career-defining role could change the …

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The Weekend Binge - Why not dabble in some short films?

17th January 2015

This week I thought I’d adapt my approach to The Weekend Binge. Instead of picking a series you can delve into whilst curling up in a duvet and consuming your bodyweight in Doritos, I am going to provide a selection of websites where you can find h…

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The Weekend Binge - Arrested Development - 4 Seasons available on Netflix

10th January 2015It’s the story about a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son that had no choice but to keep them all together. It’s Arrested Development – one of the most diverse and clever comedy series you’re likely to ever see. At its heart it’s dry, witty and sharp, but there is a …

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The Weekend Binge: Black Mirror – Now available on 4OD

3rd January 2015
Happy 2015 – Now get back to work! If you’re looking for a gentle weekend to ease you back into working life on Monday then a feature that provides you with tip offs for a classic television series marathon should be the right place. However, if you follow my advice this week you’r…

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The Weekend Binge: Babylon – Now available on 4OD

27th December 2014
Right, Christmas is over, you’re fed up with your family, your friends and possibly you are too hungover to do anything and you’re so full of Turkey and chocolate that you just want to lie around in your pyjamas and drink your bodyweight in cups of tea. With that in mind, The Fix…

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Mackenzie Crook Interview - Detectorists, Scriptwriting, Directing and The Office

Introduction and Interview by Arran Dutton –

He may be best known for his roles as Gareth Keenan in The Office and later Ragetti in Pirates of the Caribbean, but actor Mackenzie Crook will surely put the fantastic Detectorists up there with those experiences after the first series, which he wrote…

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24 - Live Another Day - Trailer Released

Written by Arran Dutton –

Jack Bauer is back and this time London is the setting for the chaos that will unfold as the noble, damaged hero many grew to love over insane DVD marathons returns for another series of 24 this May. It seems fitting that the story is set in the UK as the show is revived…

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The Awkward Conversations We Have Launches - 'Son, We're Swingers'

The Awkward Conversations We Have is a series of six short comedy/drama films shot with no budget in and around Glastonbury and Street in Somerset, UK. Written by Arran Dutton ( and directed by James Barber (, the dialogue driven series explores awkward co…

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Nordic Noir: Borgen

Borgen is a compelling female-fronted Nordic drama about the fight for political power and its sacrifices. The series follows the intricate and complex lives of politicians, media spinners and reporters, leaving a world of political and personal intrigue in its wake.

Hailed as Denmark’s answe…

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The Killing - An Introduction To The Danish Hit TV Series

More than just a TV programme, Danish crime drama The Killing has become a full-blown cultural phenomenon in the 2 short years since its first episode graced our screens in late-January 2011.

Produced by Danish production company DR and broadcast here on the BBC, it wasn’t just the grippingly mor…

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Introducing: Wallander - The Swedish Morse

Based on the best-selling books by Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell, detective Kurt Wallander is an intense and headstrong maverick, prone to eating poorly, sleeping irregularly and drinking too much. The original series of Wallander films starring Rolf Lassgård have proved hugely influential. P…

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