So, you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about The Fix, eh? Well… we are a Bristol-based online magazine running previews, reviews, interviews and worldviews about cultural happenings in the South West.

With link-ups to the Old Vic, Thekla, O2 Academy and Tobacco Factory, this includes music, film, theatre, art and more. Aside from covering all the best events in Bristol and beyond, we offer widely respected opinions and mildy coherent ramblings on anything from our favourite Beatles songs to our favourite Beatles cover versions.

So that’s it. If you want to become involved then we’re looking for contributors so if you’re interested email us at contact@thefixmagazine.com

Meet the Team

11041735_10152989157475141_4345425227122458096_nConal Dougan

Suave, sophisticated and with a pinch of cynicism thrown into the mix for good measure, Conal is the well-heeled and BMF-approved heartbeat of The Fix writing team. A threat to household pets and a part-time camera-gurner, Conal writes his life, but still makes time to live it too.

Check him out in his natural habitat here:

Review: Grounded, Arnolfini

Interview: Paul Foot

scootScott Hammond

A Bristol legend in his own naptime, Scott ‘Scooter’ Hammond is known locally as the Patchway Pringle, both for his love of crunchy fried potato snacks and his penchant for inserting his hand deeply into tight spaces. Ruminative, unfeigned and undeniably abundant in lexicon, Scott is never afraid to offer honest, thoughtful opinions in his own inimitable style.

Find his best musings here:

Review: The Wave Pictures, The Lantern

Review: Life Itself


Kevin McGough

Kevin is the bonefide offspring of leading Irish Republican Wolfe Tone; his father’s determined spirit is revealed in the fact that, like a twilight Forrest Gump, he begins most days by running 85 miles before the likes of you or I have even brushed our teeth.

Some of Kev’s best bits:

Review: Tariq Ali, @Bristol

Review: Romeo & Juliet, the Tobacco Factory

Photo on 19-03-2014 at 17.58
Arran Dutton

After baffling school music teachers with his inability to master the triangle, it’s somewhat surprising that Arran not only set up an online music magazine, but that he still manages to blag his way through gig reviews despite admitting to having a fairly limited knowledge of music.

A few of Arran’s longwinded blags:

Catfish and the Bottlemen, live at Louisiana, Bristol

Tom Odell, live at O2 Academy Bristol

Stef Formica

Formidable Stef has three loves in life: the camera lens, Harry Potter and looking up at people taller than her. Listing her favourite bands as Sigur Rós, Johnny Cash, Beach House and The Cure, Stef is as Italian as Earl Grey.

Some of Stef’s best shots:

Photo Gallery: Crocodiles, Start The Bus

Photo Gallery: Kaiser Chiefs, Bristol Summer Series

Colpey Calling

Colpey Calling, AKA David Maher McWilliams is The Fix’s Resident DJ and Professor in Charge of Melting Minds. Showcasing the best local, national and international musicians and DJs in his fortnightly radio show, David is adept at locating anything from obscure Balkan jazz to even more obscure Surinamese funk, as well as keeping track of gems in the modern electronic scene. Follow him @ColpeyCalling

Find his best jams here:

Colpey Calling x The Fix w/Hi Life Hi Fi

Colpey Calling x The Fix w/Marlais

Esther Hall

The Fix’s American culture evangelist, Esther loves all things Bristol. Regularly willing to Plead the 5th – give 5-star ratings, that is – she is renowned for her honest, thoughtful and praiseful writing. She is a lover of cocktails, creative people and learning new things. Except knitting, she hates knitting! Follow her @MrsEmay02

Find her thoughts here:

Q&A: I Am Kloot

Review: Pink Mist, Bristol Old Vic

Will Fahy

Known for confusing everyone in his path by using _Whil as his alter ego while hiding in dark corners of Bristol’s music venues shooting musicians. He’ll wear shorts and flip flops at the slightest glimpse of sun. His ipod holds something for everyone* His freshest snaps can be seen here.

*excludes 1D fans

Find his best snaps here:

Gallery: ASIWYFA, The Marble Factory

Gallery: Will and the People, Thekla