Artist of the Week: Cristobal and the Sea

Cristobal and the SeaComing to our attention this week are Cristobal and the Sea, a London four-piece. We say London, but actually they are a sickeningly eclectic, multicultural and interesting quartet, with each member hailing from a different part of Europe, and they are set to release their debut EP, ‘Peach Bells’ in December. They’ve also just signed to the same label as Caribou, who is playing Motion in Bristol on Friday. Coincidence? Maybe not.

Mixing up bossa nova drums, vocal harmonising and lyrics in a mixture of languages, their sound certainly captures the ear. We also like the fact that the video for the excellent “My Love (Ay Ay Ay)” features naked torsos, an old lady with panda eyes and a live snake.

Conal Dougan