Artist of the Week: Kanzi

Band Photo One (web)For the first Artist of the Week of 2015 we’re rolling back the years…to 2014! Back in December we featured a titillating interview with Brighton newbies Kanzi. In a revealing exposé, founding member Pete Hovard revealed that the music crafted by the four-piece makes a perfect accompaniment to crying in a corner, and that Peter Andre is “such a nice man”.

In actual fact, Kanzi produce music nothing like that spornosexual goon, preferring instead electronic harmonics with more than a nod to Radiohead and ambient/chillwave artists. Following the release of single ‘2 Hearts’, which came with a lovely video of a lass called Maggie dancing, the band have brought out their self-titled debut EP on Parisian label Animal Records. Billed as “a trickle of delicately crafted soundscapes to get lost in,” we think it’s pretty decent.

We also love a self-sufficient band. Until recently, Kanzi have been following the example of 3 Feet High and RisingExile on Main Street and Odelay by recording almost all their sounds in their bedroom. The DIY set-up suits their incessant desire to keep changing parts of their tunes, which is reflective of the undulating composition as they warp from one moment to another.

The Kanzi EP is available to stream below. Check it out!

Conal Dougan