Artist of the Week: Les Sins


Let us be clear: Les Sins is in fact the pseudonym of Chazwick Bradley Bundick (best name ever), aka Chaz, aka Sides of Chaz, whose most famous stage name is Toro y Moi. Confused? Right.

Chaz has been at the forefront of chillwave since 2009, a genre that he explores under the name Toro y Moi. However, as one can imagine, Chaz gets a bit bored with his ambient fiddling from time to time, and creates some excellent dance music under the name Les Sins.

Under this guise, he released the thoroughly decent ‘Michael’ album, which includes the single “Brother” which came out at the beginning of last month. We think it’s worth showcasing his track “Grind”, which would perfectly soundtrack rolling around a dim basement with beautiful people at 3am.

Conal Dougan