Gig Review: Augustines – The Trinity Centre, Bristol – Thursday 17th April

augustines_lp2_albumcover_hq_1500x1500On 17th April, Augustines (formerly We are Augustines) returned to Bristol as part of their headline tour of the UK in support of their new album ‘Augustines’. This indie rock three piece have developed a reputation for high energy and engaging rocks performances. Led by front man Billy McCarthy, he is joined on stage by bandmates Eric Saunders, changing between bass, synth and guitar, and Rob Allen on drums. The addition of a new Augustine providing backing on trombone, keys and cello throughout was a very welcome addition seamlessly slipping into the line up and showing the evolution of the band to help deliver a fuller sound as they smashed through a two hour set playing nearly all their material from the first two albums. Augustines are not a band not content to merely regurgitate their recordings, stripping back some of their rocky numbers such as “Philadelphia (City Of Brotherly Love)” on the night. This showcases the powerful and thoughtful lyrics of band that really write from the heart and who are not afraid to leave it all on stage. The band thundered through more recent material sparking large singalongs much to band’s delight and even fitting in reggae breakdown with ad libbed lyrics extolling the virtues of HP sauce and the UK. For me, the highlight came as the second encore drew to the end; the band came into the crowd with acoustic guitars, box drum and trombone in hand and delivered unplugged versions of “Book of James,” “Weary Eyes,” and “East LA”. All were gratefully received by an awestruck crowd before the band returned to the stage to close with debut album favourite, “New Drink For The Old Drunk”. The venue was reduced to a mass of exuberant, sweaty punters and cider fuelled cheers for one more song. The band took in the well deserved accolades from the crowd and promised to return soon. Review by Stewart Eley Find out more about Augustines by visiting their official website and read Stewart’s interview with Eric Sanderson right here You Can See Them: Augustines have been confirmed to headline the Festival Republic stage at Reading and Leeds this year.