Colpey Calling x The Fix [3]



 8 March 2015

Don’t call it a comeback

I been here for years

Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear

That’s right, Colpey Calling x The Fix is back once more, giving you aural pleasure with a mixture of jazz, afro, house, disco and everything in-between.

This week we welcomed Shammen Delly with an hour long mix of user48736353001, AKA Aphex Twin. How lovely is that.

You can catch Colpey Calling x The Fix every other Thursday at 22:00 on Future Music FM.


Colpey Calling

Tsegue Maryam Guebrou – ‘The Homeless Wanderer’ [Buda Musique]

Azimuth – ‘The Tunnel’ [ECM]

Cesaria Evora – ‘Petit Pays’ (Chateau Flight Remix) [Lusafrica]

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – ‘Tbilisi Sunset’ [First Word Records]

The Jones Girls – ‘Nights over Egypt’ [Philadelphia International Records]

Fulgeance & DJ Scientist – ‘Moscow Nights’ [First Word Records]

Parker Madicine – ‘Guess Ya Didn’t Know’ [CT HI Records]

Barry Lynn & Brian Greene – ‘As if you’ [Kinnego Records]

Barry Lynn & Brian Greene – ‘Remote Relations’ [Kinnego Records]

Flying Lotus – ‘Mmmhmm’ [Warp]

Boards of Canada – ‘Dayvan Cowboy’

David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto – ‘Bamboo Houses’ [Virgin Records]

LNRDCROY – ‘Ad In The Paper’ (Mix 5) [1080p]

Jon Hopkins – ‘Abandon Window’ (Moderat Remix) [Domino]

Future Sound of London – ‘Papua New Guinea’ [Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ Records]

Cup Cave – ‘Thoughtograph’ [Vlek]

Tale of Us & Vaal – ‘Concor’ [Life and Death]

Paranoid London – ‘Lovin You (Ahh Shit)’ [Paranoid London Records]

Shammen Delly

user48736353001 – Chink 101 [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – 2tone (camborne college mix) [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – Martins car LPF [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – SomewhereOTTGTBAG [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – Parking lot [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – Sams car [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – Kids beach [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – Make a baby [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – Metal beat [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – No cares [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – Notting hill bus [Soundcloud]

user48736353001 – Cottage4 af [Soundcloud]

Luke Vibert – Spiral Staircase (future music competition) (AFX Remix) [Soundcloud]