Interview: The Lasting Days

d1f31c88daeeb904-TomSpareyPhotography-1220th January 2015

Ahead of their album launch at Mr Wolfs (see our review of We Simplify), we checked in with Bristol-based The Lasting Days to chat about the music scene in this fair city.

You’re launching your new (and third) album  We Simplify at Mr Wolfs later this month. What can we expect from the album?
Well Dorian has joined on keyboards which has allowed us to explore new sounds (on tracks such as ‘Kizuki’ for example) which has been really exciting. But there are common threads with the earlier stuff, the song arrangements, our approach to mixed time-signatures and vocal harmonies and so on.
Why did you choose Mr Wolfs as a launch venue?
We’ve had so many great gigs there and Mr Wolf and his team have been hugely supportive of us and our music over the years. It’s the perfect place for the lively launch party we are planning.

Do you have any favourite venues you like to play in Bristol and the South West?

We’ve always really enjoyed playing at the Golden Lion, the Grain Barge, Start the Bus – you could go on about great Bristol venues. There are a lot of good sound engineers in Bristol too, which really helps bands like us who have a few extra instruments that need considering. Bristol has a lot of great venues but a few have closed down recently that I miss.
Indie/Americana has been given a big lift in the last year through artists like Kurt Vile and War On Drugs. Do you think this has helped you?
[The War on Drugs track] ‘Red Eyes’ was one of my favourite songs last year, and I thought it was great that War on Drugs got BBC 6 Music album of the year – we’ve had some airtime on BBC6 so it seems people are keen on the genre and we’re hoping it will be a good year for us!
Where will you be touring the new album?
We’re just sorting out some SW dates in Cardiff, Exeter and we’ll also be playing in London again too. A big focus for us this year will be festivals.
Which do you prefer playing, festivals or individual gigs?
It’s good to have the variety of both as it gives you an opportunity to do quite different sets – we have a fair amount of material now and not all of our songs are right for every venue. Some festivals let you have the best of all worlds though – when we played at Larmertree we played on one of the big marquee stages during the day, then late night in one of the small tents and also an acoustic ‘songs from the shed’ session too. Each had a great, but totally different atmosphere!
Do you find being in Bristol helps you musically/creatively?
Yes, I think this city is collectively passionate about music and so musicians are well supported here – there are some really fantastic rehearsal facilities, and super-cool recording facilities such at Mat Sampson’s Bink Bonk studio. But most importantly there is so much talent here – so many of my friends are brilliant musicians, someone’s always doing something amazing.
A final question on Bristol – on a perfect Saturday, would you rather be having a pint at the Harbourside, tea and cake in Clifton or a Value Meal at Lickin’ Chicken?
Most likely pints at the Harbourside, inevitably ending with a value meal!
The Lasting Days launch party for We Simplify takes place at Mr Wolfs on Saturday 24th January.
Conal Dougan