New Singles of the Week

14th April 2016

Tamu Massif – ‘Holding Back’

First up this week is ‘Holding Back’ by Tamu Massif, AKA local lad Dave Dixon. We at The Fix have been fans of Tamu Massif since we saw him at the Louisiana earlier this year – his mellifluous voice complements pared-back layered guitar lines and underlying synth lines. 

‘Holding Back’ is perhaps not quite as effective or interesting as previous releases ‘A Fate Much Worse’ or ‘Jejune/Selene’, but it would nevertheless make very pleasant listening while lying down on a grassy knoll with a decent bit of summer sunshine washing over you. Tamu Massif is now off on a UK and European tour, and will be playing Bristol at Dot to Dot Festival in May. We recommend you catch him if you can.

DJ Snake – ‘Middle’ ft. Bipolar Sunshine

It’s hard to listen to this track without imagining ‘DJ Snake’ as some dilbert’s nickname for his cock. “Ere love, guess who’s headlining the Bedroom Stage tonight.” “Oh fuck off Carl, don’t be giving me that DJ Snake bullshit again!” Either that or some bedroom-loitering teenage fan of Metal Gear Solid who decided to name himself after the game’s protagonist.

As it is, French producer DJ Snake has teamed up with English singer Bipolar Sunshine to create ‘Middle’, an entirely apt title considering it is one of the dullest tracks of this millennium. According to reports, alternative titles included ‘Beige’, ‘Coventry’, ‘Panel Discussion’, ‘Medium Density Fibreboard’ and ‘James Milner’. Apparently these names were rejected by their record label on the grounds that they were too exciting and controversial.

LuvBug – ‘Best Is Yet To Come’

‘Best Is Yet To Come’ is the latest single from English electronic trio LuvBug. Apparently the band name came from a particularly nasty bout of crabs which songwriter JKAY picked up on a visit to a Magaluf massage parlour called Dirty Harry’s. If the video is anything to go by, it won’t be long before the band is struck again by pubic lice – not only are they cavorting around with a plethora of loose women, they’re also splashing about in swimming pools which have definitely not been chlorinated to the required standard.

The video also doubles as an advert for Club 18-30, which is surprising as I had no idea the Club still existed. The sexy stars of the video are seen drinking out of Club 18-30-branded shot glasses, lolling about on Club 18-30-branded sun loungers and pissing on Club 18-30-branded pregnancy tests. I understand that LuvBug are gearing the single up as a big summer hit, but I’m afraid I baulk at this level of corporate fiddling.