The Secret Garden Party: Headliner Announced

sgpIt is always nice to put the cherry on the cake; in a year when we are celebrating all that rejects the hyper-capitalist dream who could be better to head our plethora of amazing artists but the legendary and revolutionary Public Enemy” – A rather satisfied representative of The Secret Garden Party

Starting a piece of writing with a quote? Damn, that takes us back to the days of University, but quite simply no one at The Fix could sum it up on behalf of The Secret Garden Party quite like they can. In fact, it may look like lazy journalism but who are we to manipulate the words of the unique individuals running this rather unique event? Running from Thursday 24th until Sunday 27th July, a 21,000 strong audience will flock to a 150 acre site near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire for this year’s ‘party,’ which will have the theme of ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.’ Time for us to maverick the fuck up and hit you with some more direct quotes. Here’s what our aforementioned pals have to say on the party and its theme…
Looks lovely dun-nit?

Looks lovely dun-nit?

This is a serious party where everyone participates… Parades, forums, immersive theatre, unique happenings  – there is a whole array of activities to engage Gardeners.  Located in a beautiful setting next to a lake it is a totally unbranded and independent event. Sickened by commercial gigolos and the false promise of fame and fortune achievable only through wearing the right deodorant? Well then, join us in saying “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and its promise of social and financial redemption.   Within the shelter of the Garden, where the dogs of society’s howl is inaudible, we are exploring the more positive visual imagery in our favourite songs – so dust off your old LPs say an “oh my” and a “boo hoo” to the 9 to 5… Dance with us beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free; because, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. Sounds interesting doesn’t it? Just to stick a middle finger up to any kind of article structure we’re going to loop it back round to the headliners Public Enemy, a seemingly fitting headliner for such an event. This American hip-hop group formed in Long Island, New York, back in ’82 and have been recognised for their politically charged lyrics and criticism of the American media long before any member of the team here at The Fix hit puberty. In 2011, they followed the The Beastie Boys, Run- D.M.C and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to become the fourth hip hop act ushered in to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. Needless to say, a major coup… Another act heading over from the east coast of the U.S is an act the Secret Garden Party peeps describe as a “kaleidoscopic house explosion” – Hercules and Love Affair, who will perform off the back of their highly anticipated new album ‘The Feast Of A Broken Heart,’ which is released in May. Here’s what the group’s main man Andy Butler had to say: ‘The Secret Garden Party is legendary. I have had the opportunity to take two versions of the Hercules live show to many festivals, but every now and then get to one where the curation/line up is ace, the location is wonderful, and the overall organization and attitude is stellar- this would be the Secret Garden Party.  We played to a raging audience, that WENT FOR IT the first time there and I made my mind up. I wanted to go back. So much love, so much love.” So there you have it. No doubt you’re intrigued to know more so we’ve compiled some nifty information and you can find that below… Find out more about this event at New additions are as follows (line up to-date attached):

Public Enemy

Hercules & Love Affair

Foreign Beggars – King Charles – Alabama 3 – Big Deal – Say Lou Lou

         Big Gigantic – Rae Morris – The Skints – Thumpers – Koven – John Fullbright – The Hics

Lxury – TCTS – Jacob Plant – Josef Salvat – Eagles For Hands

Nimmo And The Gauntletts – Ted Zed – Mad Professor – Coves – Jon Batiste – Melt Yourself Down – The Ramona Flowers

Losers – Arkon Fly – Ekkah – Killsonik – Wara – Plump Djs – Too Many T’s

Max Cooper – Miraculous Mule – Rag ‘N’ Bone Man – Norma Jean Martine

Devon Sproule  – Gorgeous George – Si Cranstoun

Palace – Dandaluz – Cable Street Collective – Longy – The Future Dub Project – Beans On Toast

Animanz – Feral Mouth – The 45’s – Cut Capers – The Meow Meows – Crinkle Cuts – Alexia Coley – Myles Sanko – General Skank