Something for the Weekend

Donegal mix master Colpey Calling selects his new Track of the Week, as well as the Best Track You’ve Never Heard.

Track of the Week

Culoe de Song – “Y.O.U.D” (2014)

Crossovers between South African music, both traditional and electronic, and European techno/house have been common during the last ten years. Most notably on the Innervisions label with remixes and collaborations between the likes of Amampondo, Ame, Dixon and Henrik Schwarz as well as releases from South African artists. Innervision’s recent release sees this continue with Culoe De Song – this time the style tends more to the acid house – however it does not lack the African feel. A huge EP from one of South Africa’s most celebrated artists on one of Germany’s most celebrated labels. Yes this was released a while ago, but the vinyl has just arrived in my local record store – so I am going with it!

Best Track You’ve Never Heard

Batsumi – “Lishonile”

I am sticking with South Africa on this one! In the 1970’s there was a jazz collective in south Africa called Batsumi and what they produced was nothing short of magical. The EP as a whole is one of my favourite jazz albums, it is diverse, timeless and amazingly arranged. I picked this track in particular as when I play this out, it gets people onto their feet – it takes people by surprise. It starts off slowly and then quickly turns into this high tempo driving spiritual jazz track! It’s beautiful! It was brilliant reissued on Matsuli Music recently. A personal favourite.