Something for the Weekend: Slept On Tracks

This is the time of year for lists, the best of this the best of that. In the end they are usually all pretty similar – so I have decided to put together three tracks that I think deserve a mention, that probably won’t come up on most, if any, ‘best of’ lists this year. They are in no particular order and aren’t in competition with each other, or any other tracks. I am merely just bringing them to your attention. I will also deliver you three tracks next week as well, to get you over your boxing day blues!

Max Graeff – ‘Itzehoe’

This album has been the least talked about all year and it baffles me. The whole album is an incredible journey start to finish. The beats on each track sound new and fresh and the tracks are layered brilliantly, creating dense and intricate material. A amazing trip. I have picked this track as it’s dance floor-ready, but works perfectly at home as well. Whole album is streaming on Youtube so no excuses! 55mins of listening gold.

Glowing Palms – ‘Ask Me After Midnight’

A remake of the ‘Catch me if you can’ theme tune, this track is humorous, funky, recognizable and fun. The first kick of the melody transports me straight into a light spacey fun hip shaking world! The crowd will always love this! A great track out in mid summer that got little attention – off a fantastic label Ruf Kutz.

My Panda Shall Fly – ‘Rainfall’

A brilliant song from a brilliant EP, diverse, tropical and abstract but not losing sight of a central theme. I think just for its inventive groove it gets  a thumbs up from me! This track is haunting yet the arpeggios invite you into a beautiful trippy track.

Colpey Calling