Something for the Weekend

Donegal mix master Colpey Calling selects his new Track of the Week, as well as the Best Track You’ve Never Heard.

Track of the Week

Roman Flügel – “Wilkie” (2014)

I like it – I like it a lot! A nightclub in the 80s springs to mind – a crowd dancing in pelvis-clutching jeans, big hair dos and tight t-shirts. Bonnie Tyler is probably dancing in the corner under a spotlight in front of a fan. There is a definite feel of Kraftwerk here too.  The track starts with throbbing bass chords and a spacey high-hat which slowly transforms into mesmerising arpeggios. A beautiful melody interludes the arpeggios that has lush reverb – giving a beautiful ambience rest between them. This track is dreamy – it’s a beauty of a late night jam! “Save me because I am lonely. I thought you were happy”

Best Track You’ve Never Heard

John Barry & His Orchestra – “The Knack” (1965)

This track sums up everything about the swinging sixties in London! The intro is slow but as soon as that bass line takes over it transforms into a beauty that sweeps me onto my feet dancing. Female vocals are laid throughout. It gradually builds over the 3 minutes to a fantastic dramatic finale! John Barry at his best!