Something for the Weekend

Donegal mix master Colpey Calling selects his new Track of the Week, as well as the Best Track You’ve Never Heard.

Track of the Week

My Panda Shall Fly – “Yapeyu” (2014)

Due to my commitments to Dimenisions Festival – I have only just had time to delve into this weeks releases! I could throw something together – but it would be half arsed! So I give you a  recent release from progressive London-based producer, My Panda Shall Fly, “Yapeyu”. This is an analogue organic obscure track that oozes tropical vibes.

Best Track You’ve Never Heard

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – “Ame Debout”


This song is mesmerising, – a blend of madness and beauty, perhaps telling of Catherine Ribeiro’s upbringing in a war torn France in the 1940s. It is not only driven by Ribeiro’s fantastic voice, but also psychedelic cosmic folk with it’s spaced steely guitar strums [similar to that of Neil Young’s ‘Dead Man’ soundtrack]. It is a seven minute journey of frantic folk and Ribeiro’s beautiful voice manages to evoke feelings of pain, beauty and madness throughout. Catherine Ribeiro is one of the most unique voices in French music and at the time was with Brigitte Fontaine in driving a more radical style to the traditional chanteuse style. It is the blend of beauty and trauma that make this song a stunning piece of music!